Fight fundamentalism by tackling poverty, urges Pope Francis

Pontiff calls for greater tolerance on visit to Turkey’s President Erdoğan, who has been criticised for authoritarian policies Continue reading… …read more

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Year of the llama: Bolivia calls for 2016 to be dedicated to camelids

South American nation wants UN to raise awareness of the animal family, which includes alpacas and dromedary camels Continue reading… …read more

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Is Saudi Arabia targeting US shale oil?

The booming US shale oil industry is under threat after Saudi Arabia convinced fellow members from the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) to maintain current oil output, plunging crude oil prices to four-year low in an oversupplied market. …read more

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Bolivian Llamas – in pictures

As Bolivia is trying to give the llamas some international recognition and is lobbying the UN to make 2016 the international year of camelids we take a look at the animals that have lugged heavy loads through the country for centuries Continue reading… …read more

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Europe’s biggest shopping mall opens in Moscow amid rouble crisis

Aviapark tries to ignore fears of major slowdown, but Russia’s weak currency is forcing middle classes to buy fewer imports Continue reading… …read more

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Amnesty: HK police must show restraint

Amnesty International has warned Hong Kong police against the use of “excessive force” ahead of planned demonstrations by anti-election law protesters. …read more

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Man arrested after pointing banana at cops like a gun

YouTube comedian’ arrested after pointing BANANA at police officer.

Nathan Channing faces up to three years in jail after the prank gone wrong led officers to believe he was wielding a handgun.

Officer Joshua Bunch told the newspaper: “I immediately ducked in my patrol car and accelerated continuing northbound, fearing that it …read more

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