Pakistanis condemn school massacre

Hundreds of Pakistanis have staged fresh demonstrations to condemn the recent deadly attack on an army-run school in the country’s northwestern city of Peshawar, calling on the army to expand its anti-terrorism operations against militants. …read more

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Rights groups slam Jordan executions

Human rights groups have criticized Jordan for ending an eight-year moratorium on the country’s death penalty and executing 11 men. …read more

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Obama calls Sony hack ‘cyber vandalism’

US President Barack Obama has blamed North Korea again for a cyber attack on the US-based Sony Pictures Entertainment company that took place in November, calling it an act of “cyber vandalism.” During an interview with CNN that was recorded on Friday and broadcast on Sunday, Obama referred to North …read more

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Force-fed foie gras loses favour in France

The process of pumping corn mash into the gullets of geese and ducks to enlarge their livers is increasingly unpopular Continue reading… …read more

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Exclusive: Southwest’s oil swap trade waiver raises CFTC questions

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – Last month’s move by the U.S. commodities regulator to let Southwest Airlines Co keep its multibillion-dollar oil trades secret for 15 days offered the world’s biggest low-cost carrier a break it has been seeking for three years.

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Pakistan executes 4 more militants

Pakistani authorities have executed four more suspected Taliban militants, ending the country’s six-year moratorium on the death penalty after a Taliban school massacre. …read more

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Four Ways 2014 Was a Pivotal Year for the Internet

The death of the internet is at hand.
Sound familiar? That’s what Internet pioneer Robert Metcalfe predicted in 1995 when he wrote that spiraling demands on the fledgling network would cause the Internet to “catastrophically collapse” by 1996.
Metcalfe, of course, was dead wrong: The internet is still chugging along, with a …read more

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‘EU home to US torture centers’

Members of the European Parliament say the EU has conspired with the United States to commit acts of terror by providing it with secret torture centers, Press TV reports. …read more

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