Hamza Bendelladj NOT Sentenced to Death for SpyEye Virus

No, contrary to a sudden flurry of loosely-sourced articles in the hacker and Muslim press, Hamza Bendelladj aka Bx1, spammer and co-creator of the SpyEye virus, has not been sentenced to death by a US jury. In fact, he hasn’t… Read More › …read more

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Theresa May says only migrants with jobs should be let in to UK

Home secretary calls for rethink of principle of free movement in EU, blaming borderless system for exacerbating Europe’s migration crisisOnly European migrants with jobs lined up should be allowed in to the UK, Theresa May has said, as she blamed Europe’s “system of no borders” for the recent migration crisis.The …read more

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NYPD undercover cop fires at suspect armed with fake gun, fatally shoots bystander

A weapons sting operation went terribly wrong when an undercover NYPD officer, who was threatened with a replica gun by a robber, shot and killed a 61-year-old passerby instead of disabling the ‘gunman.’ Read Full Article at RT.com …read more

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Director Matthew Heineman: ‘Suddenly I was alone with my camera in the middle of this shootout’

For three decades, Mexico’s drug lords have terrorised the country. New documentary Cartel Land tells the story from the inside, exposing the meth labs, the torture, the corruption – and the government collusionOne must hope that audiences appreciate the extraordinary scene with which the documentary Cartel Land opens: deep within …read more

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Gayby Baby supporters protest outside News Corp headquarters

About 60 people gather at the Daily Telegraph’s office, drawing a chalk rainbow on the pavement by the main entranceProtesters gathered outside the Daily Telegraph’s headquarters in Sydney on Sunday to oppose the newspaper’s reporting of the film Gayby Baby and the subsequent ban imposed on schools by the New …read more

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North Dakota Legalizes Weaponized Drones for Police

In a political loop-the-loop, a bill in North Dakota originally intended to limit the power of police drones actually permits unmanned aerial vehicles to use rubber bullets, pepper spray, tear gas, sound cannons, and Tasers.

An investigative report published on the via The Daily Beast by Justin Glawe states that a …read more

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Pilots from USSR are first air force fighting Japanese in China

At the time when Japan invaded China in 1937 USSR was the only country offering China military assistance. 200 Soviet pilots died in China. …read more

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