Maine man killed after trying to launch firework from top of his head

Devon Staples, 22, died instantly after placing mortar tube on his head and setting it off, officials say, in first fatality since state legalized fireworksMaine state police say a man celebrating the Fourth of July died when he tried to launch a firework off the top of his head.Stephen McCausland, …read more

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French, German presidents tried to influence World Cup votes: Blatter in paper

BERLIN (Reuters) – The embattled president of FIFA, the governing body for world soccer, told a German newspaper the presidents of France and Germany tried to exert political pressure before the World Cup was awarded to Russia and Qatar.

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Knoxville black church attacked by arsonists: ‘The ultimate act of cowardice’

The College Hill Seventh-Day Adventist church’s pastor has forgiven those responsible for the fire – but life for the congregation will be changed foreverA few minutes after 11am on Independence Day, College Hill Seventh-Day Adventist church pastor Cleveland Hodby III stands behind the wooden pulpit of his 33-year-old house of …read more

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Greece’s Yanis Varoufakis votes in crucial referendum – video

Greek finance minister Yanis Varoufakis casts his vote in the country’s historic referendum on terms for an international bailout. The government has strongly urged the public to vote ‘No’, with Varoufakis accusing creditors of ‘terrorism’, but opponents are warning that such a decision could lead Greece out of the eurozone …read more

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Tony Abbott calls for leaders to agree on ‘achievable’ Indigenous recognition

The challenge ‘is not necessarily to do the best that each one of us thinks should be done but to do the best that … can be done,’ PM says before summitTony Abbott has recommitted himself to “correcting the great silence” in Australia’s constitution – but has asked Indigenous leaders …read more

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Rosie Batty calls for funds as poll finds family violence feared above terrorism

Poll reveals 76% think family violence is as big or bigger threat than terrrorism and advocates call for it to be funded in proportion to the scale of the problemThe Australian of the Year, Rosie Batty, has called on governments to reassess their priorities, after a new poll suggested three …read more

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Koreans beaten by Turk mobs who oppose China’s Ramadan ban in Uighur Muslim region

Turkish nationalists protesting China’s treatment of Uighur Muslims attacked a group of Korean tourists,… mistaking them for Chinese nationals.
AFP reported Saturday that hundreds of angry protesters marched towards the landmark Topkapi Palace carrying flags representing the Uighurs’ homeland. …read more

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The Pope on Coke? Pope Francis to Chew Coca Leaves During Visit to Bolivia

La Paz, Bolivia – On Pope Francis’ upcoming visit to Bolivia, the pontiff has requested to chew coca leaves, the raw ingredient for cocaine, according to Bolivian Culture Minister Marko Machicao.
The Pope was offered coca tea by the Bolivian government, but “specifically requested” to chew the coca leaves. The coca …read more

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