Bobbi Kristina Brown funeral expected to draw large crowds

ALPHARETTA, Ga., (Reuters) – Scores of onlookers are expected to gather on Saturday near a Georgia church for the funeral of Bobbi Kristina Brown, the only child of late singer Whitney Houston.

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Milwaukee Police Take Three Hours to Respond to Rape Call

As if we needed another example of police not protecting the public, we have a story out of Milwaukee where police took three hours to respond to a rape call.
Milwaukee Journal Sentinal
An 82-year-old woman who was raped by a stranger after she got off a bus last week was forced …read more

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Obama’s call to end female genital mutilation yet to reach Ethiopia’s villages

While some Ethiopians praise the US president’s speech in Addis Ababa, other activists are concerned his message did not reach the people who needed to hear it the most in remote, traditional villages where circumcision continuesWhen she was a girl, Sadiya Aliye’s genitals were cut, as she was told tradition …read more

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Cuban exiles hope diplomatic thaw can help them regain confiscated property

After the 1959 revolution, the state seized buildings now estimated to be worth $100bn and rented to, among others, Lloyd’s of London and the British embassyWith an elegant marble staircase leading up to a small modern art gallery, and large crescent windows overlooking perfectly manicured lawns, the newly refurbished office …read more

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Saturday Art and Archaeology: Avebury stone circle

Avebury encircles the stone circle
The opportunity to visit historic sites such as the neolithic stone constructions of Avebury, England’s, stone circle, the fascinating Stonehenge, and excavated barrows in the area, has been one I was very fortunate to have during my recent trip to Great Britain. As you …read more

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How to Hack Millions of Android Phones Using Stagefright Bug, Without Sending MMS

Earlier this week, security researchers at Zimperium revealed a high-severity vulnerability in Android platforms that allowed a single multimedia text message to hack 950 Million Android smartphones and tablets.

As explained in our previous article, the critical flaw resides in a core Android component called “Stagefright,” a native Android media playback …read more

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RT explores bloody path of ‘head in a saucepan’ serial killer granny

Police in St Petersburg have arrested an elderly pensioner suspected of killing at least a dozen people over the last two decades. RT’s Ilya Petrenko followed the traces left by the serial killer. Read Full Article at …read more

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