‘Big Brother’ should not tell us what to watch – Jesse Ventura on RT-ISIS comparison

Speaking to RT, the former professional wrestler took exception to comments made by the new head of the US Broadcasting Board of Governors, Andrew Lack. In an interview with The New York Times, Lack said RT posed a considerable challenge to US state media, comparing it to terrorist organizations like …read more

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Former Los Alamos scientist sentenced in plot to sell nuclear secrets to Venezuela

“I’m going to be the boss with money and power,” Pedro Leonardo Mascheroni, a naturalized US citizen from Argentina, is heard telling his wife in a secret FBI recording released before the sentencing on Wednesday. Back in 2013, Mascheroni and his wife both pleaded guilty to helping Venezuela develop …read more

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Isis: sunset deadline for Jordan to free bomber and save hostage

Deal to swap jailed terrorist Sajida al-Rishawi for Jordanian pilot leaves unclear the fate of Japanese journalist Kenji Goto Continue reading… …read more

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​PACE ‘ceases to be a forum’ for solving Ukraine crisis following Russia’s exclusion

READ MORE: PACE strips Russia of voting rights until April over Ukraine, Russia quits for 1 yr RT: Did you expect PACE to uphold the suspension of Russia’s voting rights? Martin McCauley: I was rather surprised because it was a very split decision – 35 to 34. The …read more

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North Korea may be restarting reactor which produces nuclear bomb fuel

US research institute says recent satellite imagery shows possible signs of reactor activity Continue reading… …read more

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‘Plan C’: Released Documents Show How FBI Prepared for World War III During Cold War

The existence of “Plan C,” a Cold War plan to be carried out in the event of a nuclear attack, has been publicly known since 1956. There would be a “general mobilization” if an attack occurred but not on the United States itself. But documents obtained by Muck Rock provide …read more

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