Migrant trains reach Germany as EU asylum system creaks

VIENNA/MUNICH (Reuters) – Trainloads of migrants arrived in Austria and Germany from Hungary on Monday as European Union asylum rules collapsed under the strain of a wave of migration unprecedented in the EU.

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7-Eleven owner admits manipulating data to underpay workers by $30,000

Kumar Sandarakumar tells fair work ombudsman he underpaid 12 workers at his store in Melbourne’s CBD A Melbourne 7-Eleven shop owner has admitted to cooking the books and ripping off workers to the tune of $30,000. Related: 7-Eleven chain allegedly pays some staff in Australian stores just $10 per hour …read more

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Nicolás Maduro: Colombia backs plot to assassinate me

Venezuela president makes claim but offers no evidence amid bitter dispute on shared border over migrationVenezuela’s president, Nicolás Maduro, has accused Colombia’s government of giving its consent to a plan to assassinate him as both countries try to rally regional support in a border dispute.Maduro claimed during a visit to …read more

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Vienna stages protest welcoming refugees

Demonstrators carry banners saying: ‘I don’t want Europe to be a mass grave’ About 20,000 people took to the streets of Vienna on Monday to demonstrate against ill-treatment of refugees, police said, after the bodies of 71 people were found in an abandoned truck last week. Related: Austria defends …read more

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Dyson Heydon’s links with Liberal party are clear, says Mark Dreyfus – video

The shadow attorney general holds up the invite to the Sir Garfield Barwick fundraising event and says anyone looking at it ‘complete with the Liberal party’s logo’ and donation instructions would find it hard to see how Dyson Heydon could not have known what the event was. The head of …read more

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5 percent of University of Kentucky students sexually assaulted last year

Nearly 5 percent of University of Kentucky students were raped or were the victims of attempted rape during the last school year, a new survey has found. The incidents were vastly underreported and most of the attackers were fellow students. Read Full Article at RT.com …read more

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SpaceX grounded: Falcon 9’s next flight still ‘a couple of months’ away

SpaceX still isn’t ready to give its Falcon 9 rocket another launch date following its primary mission failure in June, when an unmanned rocket bound for the International Space Station exploded just a couple of minutes after taking off. Read Full Article at RT.com …read more

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The destruction of Palmyra’s Temple of Bel: before and after – in pictures

Satellite images confirmed the Isis destruction of the most important historical site in the ancient Syrian city of Palmyra Continue reading… …read more

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