Our Hunter S Tuesday with the Honey Badger


For the past many years when Bat Country would all converge on Black Rock City, we would hold our high holiday on Tuesday of the week. Named appropriately, Hunter S Tuesday. It was our day to honor the spirit of the Good Doctor.  While I have no doubt the Bats on the Playa held their own yesterday, I would gamble that what went down in Tampa was even more in the spirit of Gonzo.

My mind still reels. We visited the 2 Occupy Camps, the long and proudly standing Occupy Tampa and Romneyville which was set up specifically for the convention. Both were great to see, sharing of sustenance and ideas and a level of discourse the blizzard of idiocy in the convention center could never approach.

Then we found solace in a great little dive bar called “The Hub” which instantly became our office.  Aside from the point they pour a bourbon and soda at about a 90/10 ratio, the workers were staunch leftists and approved of our work and haggard appearance.  They even went as far to call a nearby business with wifi to allow us their key to get on.  We were asked to post no porn or death threats and I had to reply, “We will not be censored, make no promises but will take it under advisement.” We got some work done and then word came down there was to be a march against the dangerous shitheads calling themselves The Westboro Baptist Church. To me they are as much proof there is no God as anything physics can offer because surely any just God with a sense of self respect would strike them down with lightning or drop meteors on them. But this is being all recalled with details in another post to come shortly, suffice to say, we gave those Westboro fuckers pause and were considered a “threat” to them.  A proud moment indeed.

By then the humidity of the march had taken its toll and we retreated to The Hub once again for strong drink and a local favorite, a cuban sandwich. We had a great talk with an ABC reporter who had been inside the convention center all day and referred to it as a “cartoonish parody of politics” and seemed haggard and beaten by the experience of being in the bowels of the beast.

We were seeing enough of the streets of Tampa with gangs of roving pigs making me wonder if this what was Vichy France under Nazi rule looked like.

Then we caught the tail end of another rally which was cut short by the organizers themselves worried by the actions of the group in Black Bloc, an idiotic notion that only hurt their own cause. The Bloc is the main wall of resistance against the police and it shows truly where some protestors resolve really ends. “Oh we just want a polite little march but we won’t march out of step to the state,” the liberals say. Well Fuck them.

By this time we were in Ybor City which was full of reveling drunk GOP attendees, protestors and gawking tourists alike. A Bat who was with us got a call that we would have the chance to interview Justice Party Presidential Candidate Rocky Anderson. I jumped at that. I’ve been following the man and respect his policies and politics. I may even vote for him if I vote for anyone at all.

Rocky Anderson

The interview was great and will be posted soon but it was great to hear he was a Hunter fan. This all took place in the Improv which was having an open mic night, letting people go up and speak their mind against the convention and the GOP. Then there was a clamor outside, and we saw a gigantic Great Dane wearing a placard that said “Honey Badger 2012″. Holy Jesus! What is this? THE Honey Badger? And I could tell instantly the rapid tones of the voice barging into the Improv that it was. Randall, the voice of the Honey Badger, here to campaign.

All jokes and internet Memes aside, Randall is a serious activist for the environment and animal rights and you can read up on him at this campaign website here honeybadger2012.com. He gave a great speech at the Improv.

And then in a day that we beat back the Westboro Church, interviewed an independent Presidential Candidate, Randall may have provided us with a classic moment that will live forever with us. Watch this fuckers. THAT. JUST. HAPPENED.

Mahalo, Res Ipsa Loquitur, let the good times roll.

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