Offbeat Roundup!

We're all going down

Panjwai — Afghan villagers say that the massacre was retaliation against innocents for a roadside bombing that occurred earlier this month. And they say the “lone shooter” wasn’t alone.

The Hague — Anti-sharing groups fight futile uphill battle to shutdown The Pirate Bay and its proxies.

Bird-in-hand — Meet the Amish millionaire.

New York — Oprah’s garish tribute to herself, OWN (Oprah Winfrey TV Network), likely dropped 140-something million bones trying to get its considerable bulk off the ground.

New York — Mayor Mike “I have my own army” Bloomberg bans food donations to homeless shelters.

Norway — Spotify is apparently a huge gaping security hole involving Facebook and your credit card.

Concord — New Hampshire keeps trying to repeal it’s marriage equality law that allows for gay marriage and keeps failing loudly and ostentatiously.

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